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ACPU is the best choice for containers and transport worldwide.

We provide sales, rental, leasing, transport, storage, modification and repairs of various types of new or used containers worldwide. We supply the right containers for land or sea at competitive prices. We think along with you for the best and cheapest solutions. We are certified for inspecting CCL and ICCL containers.

Our employees speak Dutch, German, Spanish, English, Russian and are professionals with a lot of experience. Reliability, advice and good service is our goal. ACPU is there for you!

Advanced Container

Projects Unlimited

Services you can trust

ACPU is quality and service

We are an enthusiastic group with more than 45 years of experience in containers and transport. Expert people from different nationalities who are here to provide you with the best and cheapest solution. We have a very extensive network and collaboration with good companies nationally and internationally. We can assist you in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Russian.

ACPU has an extensive global network and expertise. A wide range of new and used containers. We can also carry out inspections for CCL and ICCL. Storage and repair is also possible. We think along to make everything happen as well and quickly as possible. That’s why ACPU. Contact us without obligation.

Buying and selling various types of containers.

Rental and leasing.

Storage and repair.

Transport by sea, land and air.

Inspections in accordance with CCL and ICCL.

Our head office is in Zoetermeer at Industrieweg 14, 2712 LB Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

By telephone Dutch, German, English on +31 657631149

By telephone Spanish, English, Russian, on +31 657959818



Do you have another question? Then simply contact us.

ACPU head office Rotterdam

I want to buy a container

ACPU is a specialist in selling the right container for you. This means that all containers you purchase from ACPU, both new and used, meet all requirements and conditions as described in the guidelines for international professional freight transport.

Our containers are CCL and ICCL certified.

Thanks to our international network, we can always offer competitive prices and meet your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options for container purchase.

I want to rent a container

If you want to rent a container, we will help you find the best solution.
At ACPU you can rent containers for a short period or a long period. Our containers, used or new, meet all requirements for storage or transport of goods.

Our containers are CCL and ICCL certified.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of container rental.